We make Digital possible for Work, Collaboration, Communications, Performance

Dialogue is an integrated platform for digital working, collaboration, workflow, communications, community engagement and performance management. We support organizations in achieving benchmark standards in productivity, performance, speed, agility and engagement.

Dialogue makes it possible for organizations, groups and teams of varying sizes from a few to thousands to be seamlessly connected, working and engaging with one another without feeling the challenges of distance, time zones and lack of proximity.

Our products enable businesses, non-profits, education institutions, government agencies and informal groups to come together, coordinate activities, meet virtually, discuss, make decisions and elevate performance.

Dialogue Work

Organization performance, collaboration, workflow and communications platform

Dialogue 247

24x7 personal, group and community messaging, shared activities and meetings

Dialogue Remote

Remote device sharing and working

Dialogue Phone

Secure and private calls and communication

Dialogue Meet

Virtual multi-member meetings with text, file, screen sharing and audio

Dialogue Chat

Live chat on website

Dialogue Share

Secure and private file sharing